Company profile & structure


Edgars Stores Limited is a limited company incorporated and domiciled in Zimbabwe whose shares are publicly traded. Our core business is the retailing of clothing, footwear, textiles and accessories.

Through our credit and cash stores we aim to supply our customers with value for money by providing quality merchandise for the family at competitive prices. We are Zimbabwe's market leaders in this field and it is our resolve to remain so.

Founded by Sydney Press, Edgars Stores was registered as a company in Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, in November 1948. The first Board Meeting was held on 18 January 1949, and present Directors were:

Hurbert Press - In Chair, Sydney Arnold Press – nominated as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Max Jacoby and William Hardcastle. The company went public in 1974.

To hedge against potential risks associated with erratic supplies and stockouts which could easily damage service delivery, the group acquired Carousel Clothing factory in 1974 and the Jeans Company in 1993.

In 1984, another retail brand called Express was introduced and its first store opened in Harare’s Julius Nyerere Way. By 1988 there were 24 Express outlets. In November 2011, Express Mart was rebranded and Jet Stores launched, to offer more value and variety to customers.

Our vision

We aim to be Zimbabwe’s undisputed market leader in the clothing and footwear retail business offering quality, value and superior customer service in world class shopping environments.

Strategic Business Units

Our Group is organized into two strategic business units: retailing and manufacturing.




We retail our products through the following established brands:

Edgars: providing quality, fashion and convenient shopping at competitive prices to the whole family in the middle to upper-income groups. The brand offers fashion merchandise, with no compromise on quality, at competitive prices for the whole family. We offer competitive credit to our customers. Our pleasant, convenient stores offer our customers a superior shopping experience. More on Edgars

Jet: this brand combines clothing as well as items sold by general dealers:- white goods, kitchenware, hardware and a variety of other goods. It provides quality, value and commercial fashion with compelling opening price points at very competitive prices to the whole family in the lower to middle income group. Our stores offer pleasant, economical shopping environments, laid out for self service; with assisted service available if needed. More on Jet Zimbabwe

Manufacturing – Carousel

Carousel is the manufacturing division of Edgars Stores limited. We produce a wide range of denim, ladies, mens, kids, corporate and work wear. Our merchandise is mostly manufactured for our In-house retail chains, independent retailers and corporates. We also manufacture In-house brands which include:

  • Quote urbanwear (ladies and mens casual wear)
  • Poise (ladies formal wear)
  • Magnifique (mature ladies’ occasion wear)

We aspire to be the leaders in quality fashion both locally and internationally. More on Carousel

Club Plus and Financial Services

Club Plus (Private) Limited is the Group’s micro finance business unit. Club Plus offers micro finance loans to the lower to middle income customer group at competitive interest rates.

The financial services arm manages the retail debtors’ book and insurance products including the Hospital Cash Plan. The Edgars Club Zimbabwe is a loyalty program designed to benefit Edgars stores customers.